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How to play Neighborle France?

In the France version, you will be presented one Metropolitan Region of France. Your task is to select its neighboring regions from the dropdown. In each game, you will start with 5 lives, allowing you to make maximum 4 mistakes. In contrary to the original Neighborle, this version is unlimited. You can request a new state by clicking on the refresh icon icon.

Clicking on the icon icon will give you a hint by allowing you to guess a region from four options, of which one will be a neighbor you're looking for. Beware that asking for a hint will cost you one life, a wrong answer will cost you another one.

You can hide the borders under settings (⚙️). This will make it more challenging for you to list the neighbors.

For more information on Neighborle see the help section on the main page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which regions are considered neighboring?

Two regions are considered neighboring if they share a land border or are connected by a bridge.

Which regions are featured in the game?

All 13 Metropolitan Regions of France are included, overseas regions are excluded. The region of Corsica will not show up as a question because it has no land borders.

When can I play the next region?

Neighborle France is unlimited. You can click on the refresh icon icon to play another random region.

Which other versions of Neighborle are available?

Besides the global version you can also play Neighborle on the maps of Brazil, Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

Can I see my gameplay history?

No. The statistics on your gameplay are only available on Neighborle global.

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